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Norway & Sweden


Sunday 26th July

Coach from Chepstow to Heathrow then flight to Tromsø via Oslo.

Stayed in Tromsø at Clarion Hotel Bryggen.

Monday 27th July

Second night in Tromsø.

Tuesday 28th July

Third night in Tromsø.

Wednesday 29th July

Moved onto Hamn i Senja.

Thursday 30th July

Second night in Hamn i Senja.

Friday 31st July

Third night in Hamn i Senja.

Saturday 1st August

Moved onto Statles Rorbuer at Mortsund.

Sunday 2nd August

Second night in Statles Rorbuer.

Monday 3rd August

Third night in Statles Rorbuer.

Tuesday 4th August

Fourth night in Statles Rorbuer.

Wednesday 5th August

Fifth night in Statles Rorbuer.

Thursday 6th August

Moved onto Innhavet.

Friday 7th August

Second night in Innhavet.

Saturday 8th August

Final night in Bodø.

Sunday 9th August

Flight from Bodø to Heathrow via Oslo then lift to Chepstow.


Tuesday 20th March

Coach from Chepstow to Gatwick. Stayed at Gatwick.

Wednesday 21st March

Flight from Gatwick to Tromsø via Oslo.

Thursday 22nd March

Into Sweden to chase aurora.

Friday 23rd March

Return via Finland.

Saturday 24th March

Sunday 25th March

Monday 26th March

Flight from Tromsø to Gatwick via Oslo then coach to Chepstow.


Sunday 8th September

2am coach - Chepstow lively! Flights via Oslo. Supermarkets closed ona Sunday! Photography at central pass of Kattfjordeidet and mist forming over lake.

Monday 9th September

Recce as far as new tunnel down to Lyfjorden. Then retraced steps and headed up west shore of Kaldfjorden. Stops north of Høgheia: exodus of moths from birch woodland at sudden sounds. Next stop at woodland at west end of Storvatnet (lake) above Grøtjord. Then onwards to lake in mountain ampitheatre at Vågbotn (previously visited in winter when walked on the lake). Sunset back at Ersfjorden.

Tuesday 10th September

4:30am start for dawn at Kattfjordvatnet (lake). After breakfast set out again in sun late morning, but fog back spotted coming up fjord. Returned to woodland above Grøtjord and extravaganza of birch and ferns in the mist! Reindeers walking along the road. In the evening headed towards the Finnish border chasing the Northen Lights. 4am to bed!

Wednesday 11th September

Lie in! Then circumnavigation of Kavløya: farm museum, waterfall at Straumsburkta, lake at Storvatnet, red hut at Hillesøya, meal at the Artic Hotel. Early night.

Thursday 12th September

Into Finland then aurora locally.

Friday 13th September

Late start. Birch woodland at Kattfjordeidet, the raven on hillside further on. Then rain stopped play and coffee and brownie back at Ersfjordbotn. Back to Kattfjordeidet river and waterfalls. Then onto Sommarøy and storm/rain clouds passing by. Quiche for evening meal.

Saturday 14th September

Drive round to Rekvik: old jetty/boat/anchors. Climbed Brosmetind (515m) with ptargmigan on cliff. Beach details at Grøtfjord. Reflections in lakes on way home. Fish fingers and crumble for dinner.

Sunday 15th September

Pancakes for breakfast. Aborted search for misty woodland. Back to home fjord for misty view down fjord by jetty and sheddage with fishing net. Afternoon flights home.


Friday 9th September

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