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Saturday 23rd October

Chepstow to Glasgow.

Sunday 24th October

Glasgow and New Lanark.

Monday 25th October

Glasgow to Oban passing HMS Astute returning to base after its recent mishap.

Tuesday 26th October

Inverawe and St. Conan's Kirk, Lochawe; then retreat to Oban coffeeshop.

Wednesday 27th October

Arichonan Village, Taynish Nature Reserve and Crinan Canal.

Thursday 28th October

Easdale Quarries and Loch Seil.

Friday 29th October

Avich Falls; then retreat to Kilmartin coffeeshop. Oban to Edinburgh.

Saturday 30th October

Edinburgh and North Berwick.

Sunday 31st October

Edinburgh to Chepstow.


Sunday 23rd September

Train from Chepstow to London then sleeper to Inverness.

Monday 24th September

Balnakeil Bay.

Tuesday 25th September

Balnakeil Bay and Smoo Cave.

Wednesday 26th September

Laxford Bridge, Arkle across Loch Stack, Tarbet and Oldshoremore.

Thursday 27th September

Ard Neackie, Talmine and Ben Loyal across Lochan Hakel.

Friday 28th September

Loch Hope, Broch, Altnaharra and Lairg Market.

Sleeper from Inverness to London.

Saturday 29th September

Train from London to Chepstow.


Sunday November

Train from Chepstow to London then sleeper to Inverness.

Monday November

Lift from Kingussie to Applecross (sleeper broke down and didn't make it to Inverness).

Tuesday November

Wednesday November

Thursday November

Friday November

Lift to Inverness then sleeper to London.

Saturday November

Stayed with friends in London.

Sunday November

Train from London to Chepstow.