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The Beautiful Information cruise in September/October 2017 aboard SV Rembrandt van Rijn led by Eirik Grønningsæter and Birgitta Mueck with Joshua Holko and Daníel Bergmann.


A photography tour in June/July 2007 organised by Lighter & Land led by Ben Osborne and Jon Russill.

Flying out via Reykjavík to the fjordlands of the east coast of Greenland, just south of the Arctic Circle. Based in the settlement of Kulusuk staying in hostel accommodation with boat trips north: camping for three nights on the Eeqi peninsula (near the settlement of Kuummiut) and another two nights further north again, camping at the snout of the receding Karale Glacier (nowhere near anywhere).

Greatly impressed by the vastness of it all, from glimpses of how hash survival must be during winter to having to remind yourself that even during summer, that the white line on the horizon is sea ice. Evidence of raw geology everywhere with deceptive distances due to the fabulously clear air.

Wildlife: visits from arctic foxes, ever present ravens and various sea birds. Whale bones on the shore, but no actual sightings. No polar bears although our guide had a gun along for the remote possibility!