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Monday 19th June

Flight from Stansted[STN] to Vágar[FAE] in the afternoon and after driving over to Streymoy and checking into our hotel (and dinner), went out in the evening:

  • Velbastaður - views across to Koltur.
  • Kirkjubøur - farmhouse and church.

Stayed at Hotel Føroyar above Tórshavn.

Tuesday 20th June

Explored Eysturoy:

  • Funningur - hay drying racks.
  • Gjógv (lunch).
  • Eiði (to buy Twix).
  • Gjáarskard - mossy waterfall.
  • Gjógv (dinner).
  • Oyndarfjørður - recce.

Second night at Hotel Føroyar.

Wednesday 21st June

Back to Eysturoy:

  • Heltná river waterfall and midges.
  • Hellur and Oyndarfjørður.

Caught the evening ferry to Suðuroy. Stayed at Hotel Øravík.

Thursday 22nd June

Explored Suðuroy:

  • Hvalba - views across to Líta Dímun from tunnel entrance.
  • Skarvatangi - cave.
  • Beinisvørð - sea cliffs seen from road over to Akraberg.
  • Øravík (dinner).
  • Fámjin - sunset which didn't happen.

Second night at Hotel Øravík.

Friday 23rd June

Morning in Suðuroy:

  • Fámjin - tarn above settlement.
  • Froðba - quarry.

Caught the ferry back to Tórshavn and drove over to Vágar:

  • Bøur - views across to Tindhólmur.

Stayed at Hotel Vágar near the airport.

Saturday 24th June


  • Gásadalur - waterfall into the sea.
  • Bøur - revisited.

Following lunch at the hotel drove over to Streymoy:

  • Vestmanna - boat trip to the Vestmannabjørgini bird cliffs and grottoes.
  • Kvívík - views across to Koltur.

Back to Vágar:

  • Sandavágur - red Lego church.
  • Bøur - sunset which didn't happen.

Second night at Hotel Vágar.

Sunday 25th June


  • Kirkjubøur - revisited
  • Tórshavn (pizza).
  • Haldarsvík - boathouses and corroded chain.
  • Tjørnuvík - views across to the Risin og Kellingin sea stacks and another non-sunset.

Final night at Hotel Vágar.

Monday 26th June

Return flights via Copenhagen[CPH] and much excitment with luggage.


Sunday 29th April

Bus from Chepstow to Bristol[BRS] then flight to Edinburgh[EDI]. Stayed overnight at Edinburgh Airport.

Monday 30th April

Flight from Edinburgh[EDI] to Vágar[FAE].

Tuesday 1st May


Wednesday 2nd May

Eysturoy: climbed Slættaratindur and Gjógv.

Thursday 3rd May

Eysturoy: Hellur and Oyndarfjørður.

Friday 4th May

Streymoy: Saksun and Tjørnuvík.

Saturday 5th May


Sunday 6th May

Vágar: Gásadalur and Bøur.

Monday 7th May

Flights from Vágar[FAE] to Edinburgh[EDI] to Bristol[BRS] then bus, train and finally taxi to Chepstow.