Tuesday 26th June

Fly to Iceland staying overnight at Guesthouse Baldursbrá.

Wednesday 27th June

Fly onto Kulusuk with a low approach over icebergs. Staying in hostel. 65°34'25"N 37°10'55"W

Thursday 28th June

Boat to Eeqi campsite. 65°50'27"N 36°59'28"W

Friday 29th June

Full day at Eeqi.

Saturday 30th June

Second full day at Eeqi. Visits from arctic foxes.

Sunday 1st July

Boat to Karale campsite. 66°04'54"N 36°39'22"W

Monday 2nd July

Up onto the glacier.

Tuesday 3rd July

Boat back to Kulusuk. Eat out at Hotel Kulusuk.

Wednesday 4th July

Walk along the coast: burials, ruins of earlier settlement, whale bones, icebergs in the mist.

Thursday 5th July

Disused fish drying racks. Eat out at hotel again, entertained by drum dance performance for the benefit of a group of Taiwanese tourists.

Friday 6th July

Fly back to Iceland. Lobster soup and fish kebabs at the Sægreifinn (Sea Baron) shack by the harbour, overlooking the signs for whale watching tours next to layed-up whaling ships (minke whale was on the menu).

Saturday 7th July

Fly home with a visit to the Blue Lagoon on the way to the airport.
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